‘That’s not getting to bring my brother back’: George Floyd’s brother involves end to violence

“So let’s do that differently ,” Terrence Floyd said at the Minneapolis memorial to his brother. “Let’s stop thinking that our voice don’t matter and vote.”

After every week of mushrooming protests and, in some cities, looting and violent clashes with police, the younger brother of George Floyd arrived Monday at the Minneapolis intersection where Floyd’s life came to an end every week ago.

Terrence Floyd cried and knelt in prayer. He offered the gang amassed around him the family’s hopes for peaceful protests and extra arrests in reference to his brother’s death. And he ultimately led the gang through a series of chants, including “Peace on the left, justice on the proper ,” as if to mention the 2 must go hand in hand.

Floyd received the intersection around 1 p.m., the primary time a member of his family had visited the spot where George Floyd died after a policeman kept a knee on his neck for quite eight minutes.

When Terrence Floyd arrived, he was so emotional that two unidentified men stood on either side of him, and at points kept him from falling. George Floyd was a member of a spiritual Texas family. So his brother knelt, wept and prayed amid the flowers, protest signs, balloons, candles and other mementos left at the spot where George Floyd died.

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