General William Barr and Tim Tebow announced a $ 100 million grant to combat human trafficking

US Attorney General William Barr and former NFL midfielder Tim Tebow have united within the fight against human trafficking.

A.J. Barr and Ivanka Trump, President Trump’s daughter and White House adviser, hosted a roundtable in Atlanta on Monday to debate the matter. the 2 welcomed Heisman Trophy winner and baseball game player and former NFL player Tim Tebow to announce $ 100 million in grants to combat human trafficking, NBC reported.

Thibaut and his wife, Demi Lee, attended the nine-month event where the professional athlete spoke about his father’s experiences in facing human trafficking abroad.

The ballplayer told those gathered that his father had helped free many young girls from slavery while serving along with his church abroad.

Thibaut said, “As you recognize, the rationale we entered this can be because eight years ago, my father was preaching in an exceedingly distant country, and there have been four girls beside them being sold.” “He pulled all the cash out of his $ 1,250 wallet and purchased these four girls. Then he called me and said, ‘I just bought four girls and i am not really sure what to try and do now.’ and that i said, ‘That’s fine, dad. We got your back. “

Through the Tim Tebow Foundation, the player works with organizations round the world to forestall human trafficking and help survivors endure their plight.

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